Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What is perfection?

A comment that I've had in one of my pictures last week, made me think. The comment was that this picture was "Perfect"! But what is perfection? I can understand that what this person wants to say is that this image is perfect for him/her because it moves him/her in some way, or because the composition is good and all the elements are there on the right place on the right moment!

When we learn photography the first thing that we get to study is how to compose a good image and how to capture it on the right moment, or at list to try it in many ways. But sometimes the composition is good, but not "perfect", of corse the principal elements are there but there still some touches missing, or we can make it looks even better. On that moment is when I like to use photoshop. This tool offers me the opportunity to create "perfect" pictures to make people happy. What I like most in my art is that possibilite of transmitting something beautiful, emotional and touching.

Down here I put some of those images that I love, because they have offered me the opportunity to create something even better.

What about you? How do you create your perfect pictures?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How to choose your family portrait photographer?

As a mum and having a family myself I like to put myself on the place of my clients and thinking what kind of question I would ask if I was looking for a photographer for my family portrait. Then I realise that not everybody think about the points I talk further here, and I tough that it was important to make a point on that. I've publish this on my page web and I'm sharing it here now as well: 

The portraiture is art in itself that exists for many centuries and in yours days it can not be different. However you choose to show yourself to the world with a selfie, or to pay someone to do a nice and professional portraiture of you, the choice is huge.

For those who decided to go to a professional photographer the choice can sometimes be hard as well, as the number of photographers on the market looks to be increased by the last decades, and more and more families are happy to make their families portraiture to see the different phases of the kids.

Times go fast and these portraitures are really a piece of time you can keep forever in your memory.

So, how to choose the best photographer for you? I suggest that you should consider this points in that order:

1- Think about your style;
How are you and your family? When you think about a family which family fits better to yours: The Simpsons, The Jacksons, The Flintstones? How do you want to be seeing and which kind of picture do you like more? Studio portraitures, outside on the nature, on the beach, a park, or some kind of street and very colorful pictures, black and white, vintage style or more conventional? Think, think, think… Look online what style do you like more and be clear about what do you want.

2- Check for the photographers in your city or area that fits with the style that you have chosen. In ours days the offer online is tremendous so make sure that you take your time to look enough sites and works. Don’t stick on first page of your research only; you could be missing your photographer soul mate just by some clicks away.
3- Fix your budget.
Maybe you have already one idea about how much do you want to spend on or session; or maybe you have the freedom of spending whatever it costs, but if its not your case so I suggest that once you have choose your style and identified 2 or 3 photographers that matches with what do you want, so go and check theirs prices. Normally it will not vary that much, because the professionals that are good use to be respectful for their colleagues and the price on the market will vary more in the same proportion as the quality. So maybe the cheapest one is not the one who is going to make the perfect work for you, but maybe neither is the most expensive. So if you stick first with your style and what is going to make you happy, this one values their price!

Its is very important for you and for the professional that you are hiring that you check this points first, because what you need to know is not every photographer can do every style of photography. That’s because every one is different and every one has a particular style that you can notice by checking their work. Some of then have points in common, what is normal because the market asks for it, and when we choose this profession we have to learn about everything a little bit. Keep on mind that first of all a photographer is an artist and has to be seeing like one, and his work is unique on his style and should be respected for that. 

On the beginning of my career I’ve been asked to make the most different kind of works, and as I was a beginner I’ve said yes for works that doesn’t make me happy at all, but at least they have paid my bills. Some of the results are correct what is ok, but when I started to work with families and portraiture I’ve realized that I can not do everything, because when you’ve been asked by a client to copy another photographer, who is not your style, the result can be frustrating.

If you think this post is useful, please feel free to share, and leave your comments if you have any other point that you think can be considered.

Monday, 19 January 2015

First things first

That's it! Finally after more than three years that I've made my come back to the professional photography world I took the time to start my blog.

There's a lot of things that I want to tell and writhe about, a lot of my work, but some about others subjects that inspires me too. But I thing the first thing I should do is introduce myself properly.

My name is Isabel Mendes and I live with my family (1 husband, 3 kids and 1 dog) in North London, for about 7 months now. We arrived in London after spending five years living in Dubai (UAE). Before that I lived in France for ten years and between that, me and my husband, have spend one year living in Venezuela. But actually I'm from Brazil. As you can see I have many histories to share with you as well as my history on how I get to the photography world, etc, and that's what I intend to do on this blog.

So I hope that you going to love it, and that you going to forgive me for my bad english, since its not my native language and its not my second language neither;-)

Thanks for reading me!